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Stretches for every kind of cyclist

Summer is upon us and while some COVID-19 restrictions are still in place, biking is a safe way to get outside and get your body moving. Choosing the right bike for you is important to keep your body pain-free, and a bike shop can help fit you appropriately. But choosing a bike goes beyond fit—including…

Chiropractic care helps Alberta’s rodeo athletes preform at their championship best

Rodeo is one of the most physically demanding things you can put your body through, and unsurprisingly, comes with a lot of risk. Rodeo athlete Matt Lait spent much of his adult life competing in bareback rodeo competitions, where he experienced first-hand the risk and reward of competing. Matt shares his story of how chiropractic…

Chiropractic: part of an integrated health-care team that puts patients first

Needing to keep your body and joints feeling good, functioning well, and protected from injury are all things Albertans are aware of. But what about the extra issues for folks who ride in rodeos, run the chuckwagons, or farm or ranch? How do they keep up with their rigorous, demands of their life’s work? The…

Collaborative Treatment Plans

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that there is no universal approach to the health care of individuals. What works for some may not work for one. One barrier to overcome regarding health achievement setbacks is understanding that patient referrals can play a key role in resolving long-term health issues. Collaborative treatment plans are an…

What to look for in an everyday shoe and how your chiropractor can help

Part 3 of 3 When it comes to everyday shoes, many of us don’t put much thought into the pair we grab from the closet. However, our everyday shoes often end up being the ones we spend the most time in. Whether it’s running errands, taking the dog for a quick walk around the block,…

How chiropractic can help prevent common hockey injuries

Whether you’re in the big leagues or little leagues, or just going for a recreational skate at an outdoor rink, hitting the ice can have some unintended consequences, like knee injuries, neck sprains, or shoulder dislocations. Chiropractor Dr. Jason Dick has been the practitioner for the Calgary Hitmen since 2006, and in that time, has…

What to look for in a work shoe and how your chiropractor can help

Whether you work inside or outside, you likely have a type of dress code you need to follow, and while selecting the appropriate attire is essential, choosing the right footwear is just as important. Finding a shoe that meets requirements of the dress code is just the first step (no pun intended) towards finding the…

What to look for in a winter boot and how your chiropractor can help

When that first snowfall hits, many of us scramble to unearth last year’s winter boots from the back of the closet. If you’re realizing they’re a bit tired, it may be time to hit the shoe store for a new pair—but first, here are some tips from Sherwood Park-based chiropractor Dr. Taylor Cooksley on choosing…

Getting back on track for World Spine Day

Tips on safely increasing physical activity after the COVID-19 shutdown The COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to a halt. For many Albertans, that halt was felt as the reduction of physical movement in their lives. When shutdowns began, many Albertans transitioned to working from home or attending classes online. People no longer had to walk…

Headaches: the role your diet plays

By Dr. Jill Mckinnon Migraines are one of the top disabilities in young adults across the globe. 14 percent of the population suffers from migraines and like most aches and pains, we often tend to reach for quick fixes. Although things like pain meds, peppermint oil and manual therapies may help in the moment, it’s…

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