Adjusting for you

Adjusting for you

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented times and it’s normal to feel uncertain and uncomfortable.

While chiropractic clinics have undergone some changes, their commitment to your health remains the sameLINK TO UPDATE As the Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors, we work to protect the public. This is a mandate we always take very seriously, and especially so now.

When you walk into your chiropractor’s office, we want you to feel confident that you remain in safe hands. Your visit should be focused on why you came to see your chiropractor, and be free of any concern related to COVID-19.

That’s why the ACAC, in partnership with chiropractors across Alberta, developed an extensive Return to Practice plan LINK TO UPDATE that clearly outlines clinic requirements to achieve the highest level of patient safety.

What Alberta’s chiropractors are doing to keep you safe

Pre-screening patients

Before you even enter the clinic, you will be asked some questions to ensure that the clinic is kept as safe as possible by having any symptomatic patients reschedule for when they’re feeling better.

Encouraging the use of hand washing stations

Hand hygiene has been recognized as the most important factor in preventing the spread of COVID-19. That’s why hand washing and sanitizing stations have been set up in all Alberta chiropractic clinics to for both patients and clinicians.

Using enhanced cleaning protocols

Cleanliness has always been a priority in clinics, but new, more rigorous cleaning and disinfecting procedures have been put in place to ensure that high-use areas are being attended to regularly.

Encouraging physical distancing

Maintaining six feet between you and others lowers the risk of infection being spread. Physical distancing is encouraged throughout the clinic by spaced seating, encouraging patients to wait in their cars and using contactless payment methods.

Wearing masks

Chiropractors are wearing personal protective equipment, such as masks, during treatments.

Staying home if sick

All patients or staff that are feeling unwell are directed to stay home until they’re better.

Your experience at a chiropractic clinic will be different going forward, but those differences are there to put your mind at ease. And, while your experience visiting a clinic will change, the quality of care never will. So don’t remain in pain — Find a chiropractor near you.

Originally posted by Chiropractic Association of Alberta