“If it Hurts” Campaign Kickoff

“If it Hurts” Campaign Kickoff

Originally posted by the Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors

The ACAC is pleased to announce the kickoff of our “If it Hurts” campaign.

The campaign kicked off with our new television commercials, which can be viewed here, hitting the air on April 17. You can view all three commercials here.

The commercials depict Albertans, in everyday situations, experiencing pain. Not debilitating pain, but the type of pain that can slightly alter the way you’re living your life. If you are in pain act now and don’t wait to see a chiropractor. You don’t have to be in agonizing pain to see a chiropractor and chiropractic   doesn’t have to be a last resort. When the pain starts to become the least bit noticeable, you should be booking an appointment with your chiropractor. Your life doesn’t have to be ruled or inconvenienced by pain. If something is preventing you from doing what you want or what you love, take some positive action and see a chiropractor.

The vignette style commercials allow us to show the many MSK issues chiropractors diagnose and treat. We are especially pleased to be able to depict issues like headaches and joint pain including, shoulder pain, elbow pain and wrist problems. These are issues often not connected with chiropractic, but they are certainly issues a chiropractor can assist you with.

The television commercials are only the first step. The “If it Hurts” campaign will have a presence in radio, online and on social media.

We hope to build off the success of our past campaigns as we continue to let Albertans know all that chiropractic has to offer them.

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